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Corrugated carton products are an indispensable commodity of daily living. We manufacture high-quality corrugated cartons and produce over 6000 different sizes and specifications for a multitude of industries.

Corrugated cartons

A corrugated box has become a necessity that is used across a broad range of industries for many different reasons. Our cartons can be made from white or brown corrugated board of various grades as preferred and according to the desired purpose of use.

At Cardboard Cartons, we insist on the absolute best quality board. While we stock a range of plain cardboard cartons, most of our cartons are designed and printed according to customer specifications, this includes heavy duty and extra-large cartons. Our die cutting machines provide a professional finish to our cartons that are an irregular shape such as those with tuck in tops or crash lock bottoms. Examples of irregularly shaped corrugated packaging include shelf ready cartons and trays, carry packs and display boxes. These cartons may require angular cuts, perforations, slots, ventilation holes or access holes for their desired usage. Corrugated cartons are printed as per our customer requirements for a refined finish. Our final products are not only visually appealing, but are strong and sturdy and guaranteed to protect your goods. Our sales staff or estimator can guide you on what is achievable using this type of print.

We supply corrugated cartons to a variety of industries such as FMCG, automotive, wineries, food and fruit producers and clothing manufacturers. In any industry, it is essential that all corrugated packaging is of the highest standard to provide maximum protection for your merchandise.

We use only the highest quality corrugated board, this guarantees that our packaging is extremely protective and crush resistant. You can have peace of mind that your goods are secured and protected from manufacturing through to distribution and sale.

Stock Line Boxes

Do you need a simple standard stock box? We have a large selection of standard cardboard boxes for everyday use such as removals, storage and shipping. These are available "off the shelf" and can often be suitable for your urgent requirements in an emergency.

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"Some of our brands revolve around wines that match game meat so Cardboard Cartons printed a very fancy promotional pack for us that looks like a gun case and has six bottles of wine in it. It has created an enormous amount of interest all around Australia and is receiving some very positive comments."

Neal - Finished Goods Manager


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