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Our team can design cardboard marketing tools that are tailored to suit your branding and individual marketing strategy. Point of purchase (POP) displays or point of sale (POS) and shelf ready cartons have become a necessity in the retail environment and are proven to significantly influence buyers and drive sales.

To remain competitive in the retail environment, it is essential that your product capture your customers' attention. A well designed POP display or shelf ready carton will simultaneously engage consumers and boost your sales.


pop display

Display boxes or POP displays are integral components of high performance sales strategies. Time-sensitive promotions require attractive displays that are quick and easy to assemble and are strong enough to last the entire promotion period.

Point of purchase displays are used in the retail environment to enrich the shopping experience and increase product sales. Poor quality sales displays compromise the effectiveness of promotions, reduce consumer confidence in the product and dramatically reduce sales. These displays are ultimately a brand experience. Weak cardboard, poor design and low-quality printing prove to be very costly in the long term.

From concept design to installation, our process is meticulous. At Cardboard Cartons, we manufacture high-quality cardboard and design POP displays for maximum impact. We work closely with our customers to identify their marketing and sales objectives to enable our designers to produce carton displays that provide a unique and powerful customer experience.

Examples of display products include:

  • Floor displays
  • Overhead displays
  • Wall mounted displays
  • Window displays
  • Display trays
  • Counter or tabletop displays
  • Brochure holders

For an excellent customer experience, your POP display must motivate, engage and entice your customers.

Points for an effective POP display include:

  • Design- The end product must have an eye catching design which engages your customer.
  • Colours- Bold and bright colours and contrasting shapes entice customers to buy.
  • Height and width- The correct height and width ensures that products are easily accessible to the consumer.
  • Sales copy must be direct, bold and clear.
  • Products must be well presented and strategically positioned.

These points contribute to an excellent consumer experience and a superior brand marketing opportunity. Branding and marketing strategies must continually evolve if a company is to remain competitive in the marketplace, consumer engagement is integral to the success of your business. If you need display trays, boxes, floor, overhead, window displays or simply require brochure holders, you need a designer and manufacturer that understands your business, and whom you can trust.

Shelf Ready Packaging

shelf ready carton

Shelf ready packaging or retail ready packaging simplifies and speeds up the shelf stocking process. Shelf ready cartons require minimal handling and shelves can be replenished easily and quickly. We can design and manufacture retail ready packaging to suit your marketing strategy, leading to improved customer brand perception and increased impulse purchases.

Shelf ready boxes or retail ready packaging are commonly used by retailers and help to address multiple challenges. Retailers and shelf fillers have the responsibility to ensure that shelves are stacked promptly, and products are well presented and undamaged.

The team at Cardboard Cartons understand the importance of the customer experience. Our team will design high-quality, visually attractive, shelf ready cartons according to your specifications and brand marketing strategy.

Functional requirements of shelf ready cartons include:

  • Easily identifiable - Cartons are easily identified by warehouse staff, shelf fillers and consumers.
  • Easy to handle - Boxes are easy to handle, including storage, stacking, shelf replenishment and box stability.
  • Easy opening - Boxes should be good quality with clear instructions on the opening procedure.
  • Easy to dispose of - Cartons must be easily broken down and recyclable.

From concept design to manufacture and distribution our process is seamless. Our shelf ready cartons are beautifully designed; our corrugated board is structurally sturdy, and boxes are easy to use. Good quality retail ready packaging improves product availability with easy shelf replenishment, reduces damages during transit, improves customer brand perception and reduces overall storage costs.

Shelf ready cartons are cost-effective, multi-purpose packaging tools. They simultaneously protect your product during storage and transit but also serve as product dispenser during retail display. Shelf ready packaging is an essential component of the consumer experience and retailers are generally more eager to offer consumer packaged goods for a quick turnaround and increased profitability.

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