Linden Barry

Managing Director & Founder of Cardboard Cartons

Linden began his career working for one of the multinational cardboard carton companies in customer service & then moved into a sales role. After a number of years, Linden felt disillusioned with the way customers were being treated.

In 1995 Linden set out to open his own company with a very unique idea - he decided to do the opposite of what was the industry norm, he decided that instead of basing everything around what made production run best, he would base his business around what the customer needed. Instead of customers being treated as an inconvenience, customers would be the priority.

Cardboard Cartons Pty Ltd was born.

Since then the business has grown and expanded moving from 'just' corrugated boxes to high quality litho printed boxes, wine & fruit cartons & self-ready point of sale.

Not only is Linden a business owner with a lot of common sense when it comes to how people and companies should be treated, but he also has an amazing sense of social conscience.

Linden has been a volunteer firefighter with the Country Fire Authority (CFA) since 1979. During the Ash Wednesday Bushfires in 1983 Linden was a young kid on the back of a truck. He went on from there to hold numerous officer roles to eventually hold the highest rank a volunteer can achieve, that of Group Officer. He has been awarded the National Medal, National Emergency Medal and Life Membership of the CFA as recognition for his long and active contribution to the CFA, service which continues to this day.

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It's a pleasure to deal with Cardboard Cartons. We had a few design issues previously and Cardboard Cartons was so nice to help us out with a new design for our cardboard boxes, which increased the safety of our products and we are extremely happy with them. They are one of our best suppliers.

Karin - Purchasing Officer


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