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We have listed below some of the most common terms used on our quotes & in the industry, hopefully we can demystify the jargon!


The most common style of carton - the flaps meet in the centre on the top & bottom.


The top & bottom flaps completely overlap - this gives extra strength to the carton.


Five panel Folder - available as Full Flap or Half flap varieties, this is designed especially for long skinny items. Instead of being glued like a RSC or FFSC it is open, wraps around and is taped shut.

Die Cut

Any irregular shapes carton, display or shelf ready items. This requires custom-made tooling to cut to a specific design. Die cut items include; crash lock, hand erect, displays & four corner lids to name just a few.

Die Cut RSC

RSC's may need to be die cut if it is printed all over, this is so we can get a high quality print.

Corrugated Carton

This is your "run of the mill" type of carton made from white or brown cardboard.

Litho Lam Carton

Litho Lam is a process whereby a lithographic printed Top Sheet is mounted on to corrugated board, it is then diecut to shape and glued if required.

Print Capabilities

Corrugated Cartons - this can be as simple as "this way up" or as complex as a line drawing. We can print up to 3 colours and have a range of over 100 ink colours to choose from. If you require a special ink colour, please advise your rep and we should be able to assist you.

Litho Lam Cartons - there is a huge array of colours to choose from. We can print up to 5 Colours inline plus varnish. Lithographic print allows us to get an exceptional print that is photographic quality and a varnish to protect the print. Generally, this is used for retail display packaging.


Used to print onto corrugated board or top sheet depending on the process. New plates are required for each carton size as they are made specifically to size for each carton.

Die Forme

Die Forme is the tooling required to cut a carton to size and shape. It can include tabs for locking cartons closed, crash lock or hand erect bases, carry handles & self locking trays.

If you need more answers, please contact one of our friendly sales or customer service representatives who will be glad to help you.

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"Cardboard Cartons are great to work with. They're always willing to help out. I go down there regularly myself with our truck to pick up cartons and I'm always made to feel one of the family. I'd highly recommended them."

Phil - Production Manager


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