Post Safe Wine Trays

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Cardboard Cartons are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Post Safe™ Wine Trays throughout Australia and New Zealand

Design & Construction

The innovative Post Safe Wine Tray™ is designed with features such as an extra-long neck compartment and six-sided cushioning to provide 360-degree protection. Constructed from durable A-Grade industrial recycled cardboard, the tray accommodates most 750ml wine bottles of various shapes and sizes. Each tray fits 3 bottles and can be used in 3 or 6 bottle cartons.

Impact tests have proven that our design significantly reduces breakages due to rough handling by couriers and the postal system, and provides first-class protection during transit, which means fewer returns and more happy customers.

Benefits of Post Safe™ Wine Trays

  • Cost Saving - Shipping wine in Post Safe™ trays results in fewer breakages, saving you time, money, manual repacking, wine replacement and double freight costs.

  • Space Saving - Post Safe™ Wine Trays provide a space saving solution which utilises only 17% of space when compared to polystyrene alternatives.

  • Protective - Impact tests show that our trays can withstand significant collisions, shocks and impact and provide the ultimate protection for your wine.

  • Environmentally Friendly - At Cardboard Cartons, we take every opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint and recycle and reuse all of our offcuts. All our cartons & Postsafe Wine Trays are 100% recyclable.

  • Easy Presentation - Post Safe™ Wine Trays are more visibly appealing than the regular stand-up cartons in which only the wine cap is visible. Post Safe™ Wine Trays present the full face of the wine bottle for view, providing the customer with a great first impression and less opportunity for mishandling.

The unique design characteristics and superior construction of the Post Safe Wine Tray™ result in a product which provides the ultimate protection for your wine, is cost effective, space saving, and environmentally friendly. Cardboard Cartons focus on a personalised service and are dedicated to ensuring that every single bottle is secure and that orders are completed in full and delivered on schedule.

Wine Cartons

wine presentation boxes

We manufacture standard and custom-made wine boxes that not only protect your wine but are designed to present your wine beautifully. Cardboard Cartons specialize in creating innovative packaging solutions to suit our customers marketing objectives. Cardboard boxes are the easiest and most effective way to protect, transport and distribute your wine to your customers.

Whether you require stock standard wine cartons or custom designed presentation packs, we can help you. At Cardboard Cartons, we understand that it is essential to keep up with the most recent industry design trends. Our in-house designer will ensure that your custom design is unique, stylish and meets your specifications. Whether you have an regular or premium wine, great vintage, rare wine or champagne we can design a solution to both protect and present your product perfectly.

Our solutions and products include:

  • Upright and lay down cartons- with protective dividers.
  • Stock cartons for standard size bottles including premium wines such as Burgundy and Claret
  • Presentation packs- custom designed for 1,2,3 or 6 bottles
  • Gift boxes- custom designed
  • Carry packs

We manufacture high-quality, wine presentation boxes and utilise printing, embossing and foiling techniques for impressive visual effects and tactile impact. If you have an exceptional wine, you need a premium wine box. Superior wine packaging is often the point of difference in the marketing of high-quality wine and increases the overall retail value. Our packaging solutions are designed to maintain the integrity of your wine while presenting the bottle in the most powerful way possible to your customers.

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"We've got a lot of different SKU's for specific people so we can't have generic shippers; every time we have a new product we have a different shipper. So they will just come in, measure up a shipper, give me a price and basically it's done. The whole team is great. Nothing seems to be too much trouble, and I've had a few times where I've had to move orders forward or I've had something urgent that a customer needs and they've always been really responsive. They just make things so much easier for us."

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